How to lower your Comcast bill, and keep it low: An Informative Non-Video Game-Related Post

I was right in the middle of writing my Favorite Things of 2011 post, but this seems more important at the moment. Mostly because I’ve been promising it for ages, and I just had to deal with Comcast today.

So here’s the thing: your Comcast bill should never really go up, ever, from the time you move into a new place onward. As a note, when you change addresses, you’re essentially a new customer, even if you have Comcast already, meaning that you’re eligible for all sorts of nice promotions (like the ones you probably regularly get promotional mail about, or the ones on the front page of Anyhow, want to lower your current bill? Try this:

1) Don’t call. Don’t e-mail. DO use the Customer Service Live Chat, where you chat online with a support analyst. Always and exclusively. Go to Account & Bill -> General Billing Questions -> Chat With Live Agent. The conversation will be more in your court where you can control the tone and flow, you can take your time with answers and have a plan of attack, and if it’s not going how you want it to you can simply try again with a new analyst. It might take a couple of chats, but you stand a very good chance of getting what you want (sometimes better). And the online reps have access to different promotions than the phone reps do. (As a note, you may be transferred to a sales analyst at some point in the chat, which is totally fine – they are often even more helpful and can dig up different deals too.)

2) Be unflaggingly polite. These are people you’re talking to, and it’s much nicer to get things off on a positive foot (rather than the antagonistic phone calls you may be used to). As soon as the analyst enters the room and you get their name, say “Hello _____, how are you?” When they ask if you can give them a few minutes to look up your account info, say “Sure, thanks for the help.” Etc. Feel free to be honest when you’re frustrated, but conversely be sure to thank them whenever it’s appropriate.

3) Start by telling them that you’re having trouble affording your current bill, and that you’d like to know if there are any local promotions that you may be eligible for to help you lower it. That part is key, since they can differ drastically depending on where you are, and for whatever reason that seems to get the reps to poke around in corners that they otherwise may not. While they’re looking into it, feel free to add that you (if you’re like me) regularly receive mail from them advertising lower rates, but are frustrated that as a current customer you’re not offered the same courtesy (since the advertised prices are almost always for new customers only). If the conversation calls for it I’ll throw in a “I’d really like to resolve this so that I can remain a customer.” Do your best to state your case and tell them where you stand before/while they’re looking for new promotions for you, because if they say they can’t find any they often won’t go back on their word.

As far as rough prices (at least for me in the Bay Area for the last ~five years), you absolutely shouldn’t be paying more than $29.99/month for Performance Internet (you can sometimes get the faster  Blast! boost added on for nothing), and $39.99/month for Digital Preferred cable. And you can often go cheaper than that depending on what’s available ($19.99/internet $29.99/cable should be the goal). You can usually get a free 6-12 months of HBO too, or at worst $9.99/month extra for it (which I personally find to be worth it). While you can often get the HD-DVR box fee waived for a while after installation, it’s tough to avoid the $15.95/month after a point. So that included, you should be at a base price of about $85/month before taxes for the full setup of Performance Internet, Digital Preferred Cable + HBO, and HD-DVR rental (and NO contract/commitment). Ideally you’ll be well below that (especially if you’re a new customer, willing to accept lesser packages, or a particularly savvy negotiator), but if you’re paying much more than that (like many people I’ve spoken to) you’re doing something wrong and really need to tend to it.

4) Be diligent. You’ll likely receive a few different promotions at once either for a year or six months, so be sure to check in on them every five months or so (or even four to get ahead of the billing cycle) since some will likely be expiring soon. If you suddenly notice that your latest bill is notably higher because a promotion expired, don’t fret – just follow the above steps and they should bring it back down and prorate the billing cycle that you’re in. But if you get two months behind before noticing, it’ll be trickier since they’ll make you pay the overdue first month before negotiating a new rate for the second one (which is what I had to suck up and do today). And if you miss out on dovetailing promotions into each other it can be harder to fight it back down quite as low.

I recommend paying your bill online manually every month instead of using AutoPay so that you’ll always notice if anything goes up, and can then contact them as needed to keep the bill where you want it. They want you as a customer, and as long as your rep isn’t incompetent and/or lazy they should be able to dig you up some better rates. At the very least it doesn’t hurt to ask, and I can almost guarantee that if you do the bare bones of what I’ve said here you’ll at least lower your bill a bit.

Good luck, and please let me know how it goes.

Update 07/15/12: Hey, this blog post is now the #1 result for “how to lower your Comcast bill” on Google. Pretty keen! Comcast has seemingly been getting a bit stingier over the last six months it seems, but all that means is that you may have to be a little more persistent. If you have a frustrating couple chats with unhelpful reps, take the night off and try again in a day or two (new promos also may pop up in the meantime).

Another tip that I wanted to share: A few months ago a coworker told me about Comcast’s new HD-DVR boxes – a much sleeker and smaller form factor (and black instead of garish silver, it turns out), and a significantly larger hard drive for storing shows. My old box had been having a hiccup or two at the time, so I brought it in to my local store. The Comcast stores are generally kind of a nightmare of lines since there’s so few of them, but it was worth the wait: When I got to the front of the line I put my old box on the counter and started to tell the rep that it was acting up when he interrupted me with “New box?” and walked to the back to get me one when I nodded. Moments later I was walking out with what has been a vasty superior box; smaller, quieter and vastly more space, all for about a half hour of my time. Give it a shot! I didn’t need to do so, but I would think that simply telling them that that you’ve heard they have newer boxes and that you’d like to trade out would be enough. Good luck!

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  1. Don’t you love when they screw up your bill but you still have to pay it on full and wait for a credit on next month’s bill?

  2. Threatening to leave (Politely) usually works. When i moved from Comcast to Verizon, the comcast representative basically said “what can we do to keep you a customer?”

  3. Skadave, I use that excuse every couple of months with the Comcast live chat people. Sadly, I don’t ever get very far. 😦

    Today I chatted with one person who just did the usual “I’m sorry, we have restricted access here.” nonsense and then I logged right back on again and had the person say “Would you like me to apply a $20/month discount for 6 months?”!

    The only difference (I was nice, etc to both) was that on the second chat I came right out and said “Hey, I saw THIS offer offer online. Can you offer me anything like this to lower my bill?”

  4. You are spot on, Nick. I’ve done this renegotiation process a couple of times a year over the past several years with Comcast in NJ, and it always results in maintaining an $80-$100 monthly rate for the boosted Internet + DVR TV service + HBO. I hope this post is read by other subscribers so they can similarly benefit.

  5. Thanks, Nick. This worked like a charm for me. I was able to save $15 for the next 6 months and get faster internet. I set a reminder to do it all again before it runs out.

  6. okay nick i called retention at comcast and got 30 dollars a month knocked off for 6 months thank you

  7. Good tips, but they only work if you bundle. We only want internet and we’ve been trying for 2 months with nothing from anyone.

  8. As of June 2012, it worked for me and without a bundle. I have Digital Starter TV (lowered 25 Dollars a month), Premium Internet (Lowered 22 Dollars a month) and HBO (Lowered 22 dollars a month, FREE). Great advice!

  9. Just got my bill dropped from $120/mo to $70/mo for internet/digital cable preferred. Thanks, man. Great advice!

  10. how is everyone having this luck…I have been trying for a bit with no success. with taxes, I have digital starter and internet for $112…need some help!

  11. This worked for me 6 months ago but this time they said I couldn’t get it because I’d already been given the promotional offer. I’ll try calling them later and if that doesn’t work I’ll try the chat again.

  12. no luck for me. tried twice on chat, and twice on the phone, and all 4 reps had exactly the same options. i’m sure it doesn’t help that i’m an internet only customer…

  13. No luck online or over the phone, so I went to the local store and the person behind the counter gave me a smug grin and said there is NOTHING we can do for you. I told him, “I used to work for said cable company and yes there are options you can do for me, you just don’t want to.” He just stood there and said nothing, deer in headlights look. The young lady in the next stall asked me if it would be alright if she reviewed my account. She knocked $30 off my total price and was over apologetic for her co-worker. Yes, I raised my voice and some might say I was rude towards the person I spoke with first. But sometime someone has to let people know that the grass is green and the sky is blue.

  14. Have been doing the online chat only for a few years, now. It is far better than dealing with someone on the phone. Consistently, I have been able to jump back and forth between promotions simply by doing as the post suggests. Politeness and “I’m poor” has gotten me all of the pricing I’ve needed from Comcast.

    Today, I had to go through this and the guy was very cool. I got an even faster connection for the promotional price I was paying before. It sucks to have to go through this every 6 months, but it is a bigger hassle for the cust. service reps to lose business on their watch.

  15. So I have the Comcast agent in chat right now and I am saying: Charish: Hello Michael, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Charish. Please give me one moment to review your information.

    Michael: My Issue: I am having trouble being able to paying my bill. Is there anything that can be done.

    Charish: I hope you are doing well, Michael.

    Michael: Hello Charish. How are you this fine evening.

    Charish: I am doing great, Michael. Thank you for asking.

    Charish: I see here you need help in making payment to your account?

    Michael: So you can see my issue. Can we try to find some way to work something out? I am not trying to make a payment. I am having issues with the amount of the service I have to pay every month. I am having some problems with paying that amount every month. Things are tight right now.

    Michael: And I do not want to have to disconnect and leave Comcast for a cheaper company.

    Charish: I totally understand where you are coming from, Michael.

    Charish: I’m here for whatever questions or concerns you have. I’ll do everything I can to help you.

    Charish: For the integrity and security of the account, can you please verify your full account number?

    Michael: Can we work something out so we can lower the bill?

    Michael: **** ** *** *******

    Charish: I will be more than happy to help you with your concern, Michael.

    Charish: Thank you for verifying your account.

    Charish: May I have 2 minutes to check on available options?

    Michael: Sure. Take you time Charish

    Charish: Thank you.

    Michael: Thank you.

    Charish: While you are waiting why not check out Comcast Customer Central from either or and learn more about managing your account online. If you have any questions after we are finished, I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.

    Charish: Thank you for waiting, Michael. I checked our system and it shows the package that you have right now is the best package that we are currently offering.

    Charish: I would highly recommend you to contact our Retention Department to check if they have available discount for you. I am on a tight budget as well and I totally understand where you are coming from.

    Charish: You can contact number by calling 1-800- (934-6489). They are open Monday – Friday between 8am – 5pm.

    Michael: Can I talk to them on chat?

    Michael: oh. ok.

    Michael: Alright. thanks.

  16. Woah! Lots of replies here, I’m glad that it’s helped several of you.

    @Megan and @MattCarswell E. Yeah, going internet-only is tough. I would still try a few different reps though, and don’t forget to ask about local promotions.

    @Matt Yeah, that’s way too much. Honestly I think you’re at the “threaten to leave” stage of the process if they’re not going to help you out further than that. Though definitely try citing the deals on the front page of their site, which should be significantly cheaper than that.

    @Scott That’s their easiest excuse, but try the chat a few more times and you should find someone who will dig a bit deeper for you.

    @Tervell McCants Well played sir! Glad to hear that you stood your ground.

    @calahan Agreed. It’s a hassle, but the noble pursuit of frugality is worth it in the long run, always.

    @Michael Michael my friend, you’ve gotta take it more slowly, ask for local promotions, and try another rep or two if it comes down to it! And don’t forget that you evidence to help you, like the cheaper prices on their front page.

  17. “vasty superior box”

    Sorry, tester for life. Editor for life. Sony for life. SOCOM for life – well maybe not anymore.

  18. Ive tried chat three different times, calling twice..and after two years as a loyal customer, it seems I’ll have to switch. I used all the advice above, and they still wont ,lower my bill below $120 + taxes (Its about $130 total). Very disappointed, I loved comcast, but cant afford it now.

  19. Got my rate lowered…thanks for the advice!

  20. The Sales Analyst on the comcast chat said that he can not provide any local promotions or offers over the chat and I have to call the 1-800 number and talk to a specialist. Gonna keep trying.

  21. Didnt get offered anything but the existing customer offers that were already posted on the website. Was advised to call after chatting with two reps. Called, the tried to get me to upgrade my service and save me $5. I told them I was trying to cut my bill. Ordered u verse for a lot less. Called Comcast back, “where do I drop off your cable boxes?” was the first thing I said. They dropped my bill $70 after I said that. Then I had to call AT&T back to cancel. Why do we have to play this damn game??? Next time I’m just going to open with, “where do I take these boxes?”

  22. Thank you for this article. My Comcast bill has been going up somehow with indeed, the same exact services we had when I first open the account. In the past 6 months, it went up from $79/mo for digital preferred to $134/mo. Isn’t it ridiculous? And to make it even worse, I think that now the bill is due in less than a month. I constantly get a bill with “pay now” past due and service interruption notice. I wish there were a cable company we can trust who offers great, affordable services to everybody.

  23. This was a great article on Comcast. I’ve been getting my bill lowered for years by calling, but it’s such a battle. I’ll have to speak to 3 or 4 different people.

    The online chat was easy. Took 15 minutes and the first guy lowered my bill. Good advice. Follow the steps.

  24. It worked, I just got my bill split almost in half!

  25. Finally after 5 phone calls and 2 attempted chats SUCCESS! Lowered my bill from $171 (plus taxes) for triple play to $119 (plus taxes) with no change in service. I had to call though as I couldn’t get a representative to pick up my chat. I used CenturyLinks “Power of 3” as a comparative program. I disclosed all the details to her including the fact that a 2-year contract was required as it was all about saving money not a contract.

  26. I’ve been doing this for several years. Right now I have the digital starter package (not many good channels at all) plus internet and phone for $129/month (it was $109/month for a year but just went up because promos expired). So I called today and as usual, asked how I could disconnect my service (I find it doesn’t make any difference whether or not you start off slow or fast or how nicey nicey you are. Be prepared to cut the cord and act like you mean business — I don’t have the time to cuddle these people). The lady I talked to said “what if I gave you the $109 rate for another year?” I told her that the channel selection stunk and I could do better with U verse. She then offered me the Digital Preferred Package with internet and phone for $109/mo for year 1 and $129 for year 2. BUT — now they want me to agree to a 2-year contract with a $150 penalty if I downgrade service or cancel before 2 years. I told them forget it. I’ve been a Comcast customer since 1995. I estimate I’ve paid them over $20,000 since I first signed up with them. There’s no way in hell I’m going to be forced to sign a contract and pay a penalty for downgrading or early termination at this point. They either give me the rate without a contract or I walk. And so I’ll be walking. I’m in the San Fran Bay area and I have other options — although I don’t like any of them.

  27. Here’s my experience:

    Problem: Need help lowering my bill.
    Agent > Hello Joe, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is ****. Please give me one moment to review your information.
    Joe > My Issue: Need help lowering my bill.
    Joe > Hi Joward, how are you doing? 🙂
    Agent > Great to have you on chat. Since you have me on chat, I will be more than glad to do the best I can to assist you today. I hope your day is doing just fine.
    Joe > Doing alright. 🙂
    Agent > It is nice to hear that you are doing well today.
    Agent > Hi Joe, I understand that you have concern
    Agent > with lowering your bill.
    Agent > No worries and let me help you with that today. Let me pull up your account and see what I can best do for you.
    Agent > Since your account protection is a top priority to Comcast, I need to verify some information for us to be able to check the account.
    Agent > May I have the last four digits of your SSN please.
    Joe > Sure – ****
    Agent > Thanks, please do give me 2 to 3 minutes of your time to pull up the account properly. Please do wait.
    Agent > Our goal is to provide you with a consistently superior customer experience – that’s our guarantee. Learn more about the Comcast Customer Guarantee at guarantee
    Joe > No worries, take your time
    Agent > Thank you very much.
    Agent > Thanks for patiently waiting, I’m done pulling the account and currently checking the needed information. Please do wait.
    Joe > Thanks
    Agent > You are most welcome.
    Agent > I”m done checking the account.
    Agent > It shows here that you are currently still under a promotional rate of $44.99 for the Internet service.
    Joe > Right, but that’s a 50% increase over what I was paying until a month ago
    Joe > I enjoy comcast service and I don’t want to cancel
    Joe > But with RCN offering 29.99 (same as old comcast price) in my area
    Joe > I need to think about how I can lower my monthly bill 🙂
    Agent > Let me provide you the details.
    Agent > The $29.99 offer is only good for 6months
    Agent > . Since it has already expired. New discounted rate of $44.99 has now been applied to the account,
    Agent > Let me give you the options how a bill can be lowered. 1. A bill can be lowered by downgrading the package for your service to have a lower package rate. 2. A bill can be lowered by removing some services on the account to remove additional costs. 3. A bill can be lowered by having individual services bundled as one to have a lowered bundled rate. 4. A bill can be lowered by taking advantage of package upgrade discounts. 5. A bill can be lowered by taking advantage of available individual service discounts offered depending on eligibility of the account.
    Joe > Packages aren’t an option since I don’t have a TV or a landline
    Joe > are there any individual service discounts available? Perhaps local promotions?
    Joe > I do enjoy Comcast, but if RCN is offering the same service for $15 cheaper, the old comcast price, then it’s hard to stick around… I want to help you guys with retention instead of just taking off and not saying anything 🙂
    Agent > Joe, as much as I would like to make any changes to your account.
    Agent > Chat support are not authorized to override existing promotion.
    Agent > I would strongly suggest that you call the Loyalty Department who are authorized provide eligible new offers or discounts to Loyal Comcast customers.
    Agent > All you need to do is to call 1-800-9346489 or 1-800-XFINITY
    Joe > Gotcha, i’ll give that a go 🙂

  28. Talked on the phone multiple times. They said that since I’m an internet-only subscriber and still getting a promotional rate ($45 a month for the internet, normal price $62), there’s really nothing they can do. (Apparently the Loyalty Credits can’t be given to an account that’s less than a year old)

  29. I started with “AT&T has the same thing I have for $120/month, I need to turn off my service.” They knocked $40 off a month and gave me some free movie channels. Thanks for the help 🙂

  30. just took 20 min. and 2 rep and dropped $38 from my bill

  31. I’m a care taker for cancer patient’s. And one had’nt paid they’re bill in month’s and was cut off today. Had spent a few hour’s trying. With no help. Then saw your page. So I tryed again. Mixing your tactic’s with mine. And a couple little sympathy pull’s for the “poor old guy” The 3rd agent finally Added enough credit’s to cover his all of his past due amount (347 $). Changed his new rate 140 + tax to 79 a month after tax’s for all the same programing. Locked in till july 2013. And gave him free HBO for three month’s. Thank’s for the encouragement. I had almost gave up. :-)… Now i’m gona go home and try and work on my own bill. Peace

  32. Just got finished contacting Comcast and working with the rep. Ended up with a promotion for my current package that knocked $55 per month off the bill that goes for 12 months. Was quite easy. Thanks for the help.

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  35. good post. I had to try it 3 times, but I have succeed it. thank you for your post!

  36. Well I just tried it and it was not successful. She basically gave me the number to cancel my service when I presented them with the whole, I will be looking for other service providers. ALL I have is internet and am paying $65/mo for the 12mbps net. Her ONLY options were to downgrade my service or to bundle me with another package… Guess I will keep trying.

  37. Good luck. I have been trying since September but they insist that I sign a two-year contract in order to get any lower of a rate (I wrote about it above back in September). I looked back over my records and I’ve had Comcast since 1995 and I could buy a new car with what I’ve paid them over the years and they are telling me I need to sign a 2-year contract now? They’ve made plenty of money on me, I might be able to understand it if I had only been their customer for 5 years. And the penalty isn’t just for cancelling their service, it also applies if I were to downgrade my service. I was unemployed for 18 months before starting work again this past May. During that time, I downgraded to bare bones cable so I could get the bill below $100/month. If I ended up getting laid off again in the next two years, the last thing I want or be in a position to do is to have pay them a $150 penalty. So I give up and I’m just going to pull the Comcast plug tomorrow. I can learn to live with slower internet the same way I’ve learned to live without premium channels. I spend too much time on the computer anyway.

  38. Great advice here – thanks everyone! I was online for less than 20 minutes and talked with 2 representatives who were very easy to work with. The end result was and upgrade to HD and $44 less per month! I did have the standard triple play bundle and upgraded to the HD triple play, so that may make a difference in them being able to offer a lower price.

  39. For those still following this thread, another thing I’ve noticed is if you are coming off of a deal and they won’t give you another good rate, lower you services for a month or two (i.e. drop down to the slowest internet, fewer channels, etc), and then contact them again using the method Nick lays out here. I’ve found that by doing this I can then get faster internet for another six months to a year (I don’t have any TV subscription at the moment) while still keeping the cost under $50 a month.

  40. Thanks for the help!

    Just did this and got my DVR and HD fees knocked off. I was already under promotion. Did the whole “student worried about paying back loans” thing, and mentioned the constant advertisements from competitors. Also got a new HD DVR shipped out to me for free.

    If you are already under any kind of promotion, dont waste your time trying the online chat. Only the retention dept can do anything.

    Oh and saying their name a lot seemed to help. I noticed that they do it all the time too. Im sure the transcript looks ridiculous.

  41. Thanks so much for the advice ..5 mins of my time and recieved a new and improved lower bill even gave me my dvr free for the next 12 months =)

  42. As an keen gamer fan, I simply wanted to drop you a brief note to say thank you for putting this up.

  43. Worked for me. I have the full boat – HD/DVR (all channels) + 2 additional boxes + Comcast phone + Blast internet. Called and very politely told them that DirectTV is making me offers I can’t refuse (which is true) and that as a long time customer I wanted to stay with Comcast but the dish offers were too good to pass up. Went to a very nice guy at retention and in 5 minutes my bill got knocked down by $70/mo and they threw in the pro sports channels. Key is to be unfailingly polite. Don’t make demands or threats. Just tell them that the competition makes staying with Comcast tough to continue. Being a long time customer also helps.

  44. Did they make you sign a new contract? I have their triple play with no premium channels and pay $135 month. I told then i can get at &t u verse with premium channels for $89 Month for two years. They would only drop me $20 month and said i needed to sign new two year contract. No premium channels. I’ve been a Comcast customer since 1997. I’m dropping them at the end of the month.

  45. They wanted me to sign a two year contract too and i refused. I’ve had Comcast since 1999. Triple play. Only would drop me to $120 from $140. I just have digital preferred package with no hbo, showtime, etc. i think I’m going to go with direct tv and att for phone and internet. I don’t stream much, download an mp3 maybe once a month. They don’t act like they care if i go elsewhere and i was very polite and told them it just doesn’t make sense for me to stick with them. Rep said “thanks for being a long term customer” and that was the end of it. Maybe it depends on where you live.

  46. Just had a Chat session and was able to lower my bill. I have been a customer for well over 10 years and had received an increase in my last bill of roughly 5%. I have Triple Play and after being very polite, appreciative, and indicating I might cancel, the gal found a 6 month promo which lowered the bill by $40. It took about 30 minutes of my time, but as you can see, well worth it. As I get to the end of the promo, I’m going to certainly do this again.

    So, it is worth the hastle!

  47. Transferred, to 6 different reps. My 3 play bundle was to only be 29.99 a month for 6 months. Sadly they had no record of this and were billing me for everything separately. Yes, I’m cancelling the whole thing.

  48. I just tried the live chat under general billing questions telling them that I would like to reduce my bill since we are hardly watching live TV and would be happier not paying so much for a service we don’t use. (We have no competition for internet in the area and only one other dish company for tv.) They were very polite, but immediately stated that I should call 1-800-XFINITY for help instead. When asked if they could tell me what internet prices might be if I were to cancel cable, they said they could not help me as they are limited to billing questions and I would need to talk to an accounts person instead. I was originally planning on going over to the actual store in town to cancel cable and see what can be done about faster internet, so I may stick with that or I may try calling later this week. Worst case, our bill will go down overall with canceling cable, but we’ll be overpaying for slow internet (we’re already on the lowest speed available.)

  49. I had a bill for $179 + tx. for three boxes, internet and xfinity double play (no phone). I did the whole chat business. They were able to lower it some, but no more than $20.

    My best advice? Call 800-XFINITY then press the # to remove services from your plan. Then you press the # to stop service completely. You will be switched to a ‘loyalty specialist’. Once you have them on the phone…THEN you can follow the directions outlined in the blog above. Be SUPER nice. Tell them you are retired and on a fixed income. Tell them your heating/cooling bill is less than your comcast bill. You simply can’t afford it.

    I got my bill down to $141 + tx. But that is only for six months. Then I have to call again. Good luck

  50. this was a great find on the net…i did the chat…my bill went up from $130 to 170…i was able to find a 6month promo that lowered my bill down to $87 for 6 months…i’ll do this again when that expires…thanks!

  51. good tips! spoke to live rep, got moved into upgraded triple play plan with some movie channels for $27 less a month for 12 months. you have nothing to lose by trying!

  52. No luck, tried many times via live chat and over the phone but they would not budge. When I called to cancel they said no problem and failed to even offer a better rate.

  53. Hi everyone…
    I went on the Comcast chat line 4 times and was told each and every time no one could help. So I ended up calling…

    1. So I called 1-800-266-2278
    2. Selected option #4 (thinking of discontinuing service), then option #3(discontinue service).

    This got me to a retention representative (who I believe gets compensated for keeping customers from leaving) and who seems to have more power to give discounts and cutting pricing.

    He asked why I was wanting to discontinue service, so I told him that I needed to lower my bills and a new provider had moved into my area that had much better prices for the same options I have now.

    He then asked if I could wait and he would look into my bill. After a minute he came back and said he could take off $20 for my DVR equipment charge and $20 off for my bundle charge (tv,internet and phone). And if that would like to do this. I said YES and I told him thank you very much for his help.

    3. This saved me 30%.

    4.Stay friendly like suggested above but confident with the Comcast rep.

  54. Just tried it myself and was really dissapointed. The rep did not make any offers other than downgrading my Internet Service to which even her said she did not recommend. I was dissapointed and asked the rep to help me find the nearest store to cancel service.

  55. Sorry that it did not help Juan. I would suggest to try again (call Comcast). You will get a different Rep and they should lower your bill. Try this 3 or 4 times if you have to. Also say that you have been a loyal customer would really like to stay with Comcast and any help would be appreciated.

  56. So I just got off of chat with a rep. She wanted to downgrade my 20 mbps service to the 6 mbps for only a $15 savings, which I told her was unacceptable. I told her I would be shopping around and she gave me the number to the loyalty department.

    I hope that garners me better results.

  57. The advice in this blog is not going to help you if you are already getting the lowest price. If you can’t get a better deal by speaking with the ‘customer loyalty specialist’ you probably are already paying the best price available. I suggest you call Comcast’s sales department. Tell them you are with Dish but might want to switch. They will ask you what you are currently paying….so have a low-ball number in mind. Find out what the best price is in your area for the services you are currently receiving. Then go back through the original steps and try to ‘deal down’ from there.

  58. My Comcast bill jumped from $138 to $220 for triple play. I first called and they said that I had to pay full price for 3 months before another promotion could be given. I then Used steps 1, 2 and 3 in the first original article and they dropped the price from $220 to $159. for this package:

    ** PREMIUM channels : HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX and SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT PACKAGE Over 200 popular channels, the Sports Entertainment Package, as well as access to over 1000 HD selections ranging from movies to top network shows. ** One HD DVR box (primary box). ** BLAST! High-Speed Internet service with download speeds of 50Mbps and upload speeds of up to 10 Mbps. ** Comcast Unlimited Digital Voice including unlimited local and long distance calling, along with the 12 calling features.

    It is only for 12 months so I will have to do it again at that time. Maybe I could do better but for now anything is better than $220 a month so Thank you for the tips!

  59. I was all ready to pay for the $139.99 preferred HD deal for the 170 channels, HD service, the blast 50, and phone.
    Then I remembered I got a card for the local Representative, I phoned him….and not even 30 seconds in, he said I would get the PREMIUM package shown in the above comment . . to quote . .
    ** The PREMIUM channels (HD service) : HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX and SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT PACKAGE Over 200 popular channels, plus the Sports Entertainment Package, ** One HD DVR box (primary box). ** BLAST! High-Speed Internet service with download speeds of 50Mbps ** +Comcast Unlimited Digital Voice.
    He said after 4 months I would get $100 credit to the account. Now this package is $159 on the site and the rep said $115.99 a month, plus the 1.99 box for the 2nd tv (plus tax and stuff). For a year! No 6 month hidden things and NO 2 year contract. So it should be as he quotes multiple times…$118 and some change per month.

  60. Brian, i take it you are a new customer

  61. Well…yeah. I never had Comcast before….at least not in my name. I tried chat first for a half hour. Tried to get them to lower my rate just $20 a month. They wouldn’t budge. Seems they are all named Chris….lol. The first chat session the “person” could not locate my address and that Comcast had no service in my area. Funny cause I already had my shopping cart ready to check out. So I chatted the next day and tried for a small discount. No luck. But if you are a customer, I would call them and let them go through the whole speech or even ask them for the name of your local Rep.

  62. Yes I wonder too if Brian is new customer. I have been with them over 20 years and my 89.99 double play promo apparently just ended but instead of the 109 or 119 it was to go to it zoomed to $148! this for digital starter tv and performance internet only. I looked at U-verse yesterday and can get the u300 for 2years lock in at the $89 price so about ready to take the hit on early term since only 1 yr into the 2yr contract bs they started. If locking us into a contract I think it should work both ways meaning they can’t up our rates for that period either (Jan 2013 lent itself to a new fee schedule and up they went once again). Have not checked SureWest yet as they are another provider to our area, and of course dish or direct tv – but tried to do dish once and ended up cancelling b4 install because of them adding a bunch of other stuff to me and whipping thru a bunch of charges on card before I was even off the phone with them. Don’t ever call one of the flyer tn’s for the dish or direct tv – they will scam a bunch of add on’s without much disclosure to such. Once I have my fees to all in order, I will try to at least get back to the $89 or get the digital perfmormance for the current price I am at especially if Brian isn’t a new customer and he is getting all he is for still less than what they have me up to now. worth a shot anyway what have I got to lose except the comcast headache 🙂

  63. Great article. Here is my experience:

    I tried about 4 or 5 times with the online chat, always getting the run around and whatnot (being told there’s nothing they can do and call customer service blah blah). On my last attempt I finally got transferred to a supervisor thinking I finally did it, but even they said the same things over and over. So finally I called customer service and said I was going to disconnect all services and they transferred me to an account executive and I explained my situation. My bill was set to go up from 89.99 (which included Digital Preferred Cable, Blast Internet, and HD/DVR) to 159.99 since my 12 month promotion expired. I told him that is just too much and that with other companies out there I will not pay that price. He was extremely helpful and found me several options that included what I currently have and explained to me the prices (unfortunately it was only for 6 months more but hey I’ll just try this again in 6 months). Anyways, he was able to find me a package that included everything I currently have except it knocked down my internet from Blast to Performance, which I am fine with, for only 10 dollars more, which I accepted as a fair price (even though Comcast is widely priced anyways). If I had wanted Blast it would have only been 10 dollars more, still a 50 dollar savings over the price I was set to go up to.

    So now I pay 99.99 a month instead of the 159.99 I was set to go up to, about a 40% savings!

    So hopefully anyone looking for a package similar to mine can use this for reference when the customer service line tells you there is nothing they can do, because there is and there always will be, or else they will never be able to retain customers beyond their initial promo rates.

  64. I had a bad experience with a local sales rep. called to retention dept. to have the issue resolved. was VERY friendly the whole time (i’ve worked in customer service and word to the wise they makes notes on your account about EVERYTHING, so try to stay friendly or you could be flagged as rude and never get anything) wound up getting hd preferred plus bundle with dvr & hbo & sho, internet/phone for 89.99/mon with a credit on account for my inconvenience.

    & previously had separate issue 2 years ago. when i added sho to my package and the signal was not sent to my 2nd box so i had no shotime on it for a month.also called then, resolved issue with extra 6 months sho free & credit for my 2nd box for 3 months.

    IT PAYS TO BE NICE! i swear its worth it to keep calm.

  65. More like it pays to get a rep willing to help you. I couldn’t have been any nicer and they still told me that there was nothing they could do. I’m a customer of twenty years. I think I’d have to see a copy of your bill to believe that story.

  66. • Christian > Thank you for verifying the information.
    • Christian > I appreciate your cooperation and compliance in providing me such pertinent information. Rest assured that your information is safe and secured.
    • Christian > Just so you’re aware that we will be using your Comcast account number, phone number on the account, account holder’s name, exact amount of last payment made, and last 4 of the SSN for security verification purposes in your future interaction with us.
    • Christian > I already have here your account and I can now address and resolve your concerns.
    • Christian > Based here in your account information, you currently have our Blast Plus package, which was activated on 9/28/2012.
    • Christian > The promotional roll off rate of your chosen package is as follows:
    • Christian > $39.99 a month for months 1-6 (from 9/28/2012 to 3/27/2013) $59.99 a month for months 7-12 (from 3/28/2013 to 9/27/2013) $79.95 a month regular rate
    • Christian > We do have available promotions for our higher tier package but I think these promotional packages won’t help in lowering your bill.
    • Christian > Blast Plus package, which you currently have, is the cheapest and most affordable video and internet bundled package we have.
    • Christian > Are you still there? I want to ensure your issue is addressed. Can you let me know if you still require my assistance and support please?
    • Jason > i am still here
    • Jason > one moment
    • Christian > No problem. Take your time.
    • Christian > Can you let me know if you still require my assistance and support please?
    • Jason > yes
    • Jason > 1 second
    • Jason > so sorry
    • Christian > No problem. I am just checking out if you are still there.
    • Jason > yes
    • Jason > ok is there any promotion I can get on (I saw one for internet for 29.99 for the first 6 months) something that can help reduce it if we just drop down to the internet – no cable?
    • Christian > Ah I see. We do have that promotional package however, you currently have our Blast Plus bundled package, which has both video and phone service.
    • Jason > I do not use any video can we switch over to that promotional package?
    • Christian > I can give you the internet promotional package however, the promotional rate for your Blast Plus package will be voided and you will be paying the regular rate of the video service.
    • Jason > can we just remove the video service altogether>?
    • Christian > You do have that option. However, we cannot just cancel the service immediately because it is still active. What you will need to do is to give us your direct confirmation that you will be cancelling your video service. Once you give us your direct confirmation we can immediately cancel your video service.
    • Jason > how do i give you my direct confirmation/’
    • Christian > To give us your direct confirmation, please call 1-800-9346489 for our Cancellations Department. We are available every Monday – Saturday anytime between 8AM-5PM.
    • Jason > and then they can give me a confirmation number or
    • Christian > I am unable to give you a confirmation number because we didn’t make changes in your account during our interaction.
    • Christian > However, rest assured that I have acknowledged our interaction today and I have this noted in your account.
    • Christian > This will be for reference of the specialist who will be assisting you in your future interaction with us.
    • Christian > Is there any other billing issue that you would like me to resolve with today? I will be more than glad to help you further.
    • Jason > so all i do is call them and they can set me up with the promotion we discussed above based on the notes you will have entered?
    • Christian > Yes, however if they don’t have access to promotional packages (sometimes this happen due to system restrictions or employee ID), you can chat back with us and we will be the one to process the internet promotional package in your account.
    • Christian > We will be glad to process it for you.
    • Christian > Is there any other billing issue that you would like me to resolve with today? I will be more than glad to help you further.
    • Christian > Are you still there? I want to ensure your issue is addressed. Can you let me know if you still require my assistance and support please?
    • Jason > perfect and just to clarify the process i call them
    • Jason > and then if they cant help apply the special
    • Jason > i chat back in
    • Jason > and then we can do it
    • Christian > Yes, we can do it here in our end.
    • Christian > Is there any other billing issue that you would like me to resolve with today?
    • Jason > nope g2g thanks so much

  67. If you’re considering switching companies, consider signing up for DirecTV. You’ll receive $100 off your bill over a 10-month period, on top of great promotional rates and FREE NFL SUNDAY TICKET. No coupon necessary, just visit, enter the code 076041968, and sign up for the package of your choice.

  68. Let me give everyone an update on Comcast. First, they use the same name for an agent…(they’ve always used English names for overseas or south-of-the-border agents), however, with the Live Chat, I think they wish that you call an agent rather than try to chat with them again.

    First my agent, “Chris” states that he can “upgrade” or “downgrade” then when I asked about promotions or packages, he defaulted to “we don’t have access to valued customer accounts.” When I asked if I am considered a “valued customer?,” he became surly with me. When I politely realized he was not going to offer any ideas (I asked what packages – not promotions they had), I was wrapping up the chat, and he wrote, “Glad you comprehend.” I politely said “Comprehend?” “That seems a bit insulting?” Before ending the chat I asked if he would like to say anything in response. He claimed a wrong choice of words. Who knows who you are talking to. At least with phone calls you can ask for the United States. Nothing against India or the Philippines, (I have traveled in India and Nepal and love the region), but who knows who you are speaking with in Live Chat thus the misunderstandings at times.

    I think Comcast is on to the calling, or Live Chat stuff where many of us for years have complained (justifiably) about billing issues and asked for promotions. They are now taking an even harder line. If you are not a new customer, you will not receive a promotion. The only promotions available for existing customers or “valued” customers are with a 2 year contract, and the 2nd year the price goes up. If you wish to cancel there will be a $75 fee.

    I do think Comcast in particular situations if a customer has been wronged or there is some concrete evidence of mistakes, then they might give you a promotional deal as a valued customer.

    I have politely haggled with them for years. Always using my verbal and written communication skills, along with counseling skills (I am a healthcare administrator, formerly a therapist), but I believe they are attempting to take a stand. Next will be tiered pricing for data usage.

    Now for a non-clinical comment: These people are fucked!

  69. This comes from the comcast website:
    As we shape the future of media and technology, our 129,000 employees strive to earn the respect and trust of our customers, our shareholders and members of the communities we serve.”

  70. For me the only two choices are Comcast and FIOS and they both know it. So we are kinda stuck with what we pay. The last time I tried to get my monthly fees down the Comcast people told me to turn in boxes to lower my fees. Yeah, but then I don’t get the tv signals on the tvs! Granted I have four tivs that need boxes, but I don’t understand how they can not offer me anything other than to return boxes? I am really considering FIOS right now because they will give me the lower price.

  71. This was helpful. Thanks!

  72. I used to work for Comcast (in the billing dept as well as the retention dept)… now, this was 10 years ago.. however, when I was moved to retention we had all kinds of promos unlocked for us to offer people. I’d honestly always always suggest going straight to them and saying straight up “I want to disconnect my services”… that was always a que to us that “wow, okay this person serious.. let’s bring out the heavy guns”…. and if for whatever reason you get to someone who is just a rude jerk (happens), last minute just change your mind and say “well actually hold off on that, I would like to secure my installation appt with the new company before disconnecting”… then, try again.

    However again, this was 10 years ago.. but, generally this is how retention departments work. I have worked in a few for a few diff companies.

  73. Got a deal for $39.99/month for the first 12 months thanks to this website!

  74. I recently tried this and have gotten nowhere. I have saved my chat transcript and can email to you if you would like. I tried very hard to lower my bill but no dice. Today I am contacting the corporate office to seen if they care.

  75. Huh…they just doubled my internet speed and halfed my bill. Thanks internet blog poster person!

  76. Comcast is unethical and there’s really nothing you can do to “win”. Before some Comcast shill finds this and threatens legal action be advised that I recorded conversations and can backp everything I say.

    Here is my own experience going the chat route. NOTE: Pretty despicable that I was having the conversation at all Name another company where you have to negotiate a new price on what you buy every 6 months.

    To continue, I chatted with a customer service rep, last year I think, and was exceedingly polite as was the Comcast rep. We eventually found a package or price (internet and TV) that I found acceptable. He told me that I needed to call back and ask for billing and everything that we chatted about would be in the record on my account. The sales department would just call it up and process the change to my billing. When I called back the next day, the rep on the other end told me (a) there was no record of ANY conversation or chat from the day before or ever for that matter (b) I was told that no such pricing could be offered to me. I hung up in disgust

    One of two possibilities: (1) the cust rep that I was chatting with lied to me (2) the billing department, which only makes money on new accounts, lied to me and was just interested in pushing something more expensive on me. In either case it was totally unacceptable behavior. This was not my first, or last experience with questionable behavior from Comcast.

    I called back a month later for a new promotion and when I was told that I didn’t qualify, which according to the posted conditions (I copied the website ) I emailed Customer Retention and discussed the promotion with …let’s call him Steve. Steve responded with a rude email telling me that I had been informed by the rep I chatted with a month earlier that I could not have the promotion. He totally lied and then cut and pasted information form the chat and previous emails to him OUT OF CONTEXT to make it look like I was some disgruntled customer trying to get something that I shouldn’t get.

    (a) The promotion that I was inquiring about DIDN’T EXIST when I chatted with the rep a month earlier therefore not logically possible.He pasted the price the chat rep gave me to “prove” his point when in fact it was the price for different package
    (b) Steve pasted the promo information for the WRONG promo to show I wasn’t qualified.
    Despicable behavior from someone whose sole job is to placate the customer and RETAIN their business.

  77. As a follow up to my earlier comment

    Found the best way to get a service change at least for me

    Went into the Comcast store a few months ago to return a defective modem (the 3rd oneyears year). The customer service rep told me that she could offer me a better deal. Lowered my bill from 174.00 to 99.00. Took all of 10 minutes. My gut instinct is that the customer reps in the store are TRUE customer reps. Selling you a package is seconday so they are not just about the money. The people you call and chat with have different agendas.

  78. Thank you for sharing how to get a the bill lower. I have talked with three agents though chat and finally my bill was brought back to its past level.

  79. Your Comcast bill should never go up? Right!!! Mine goes up every 6 months to a year. Only once in the last couple of years has a service rep “found” a “better deal” for me and it lasted 6 months. No one should have to spend an hour of their time every 6-12 months begging someone to find them a deal to remain a customer of Comcast. Perhaps if they didn’t have so many new customer deals we could all just have a stable rate. Me, I’m done!

  80. In looking at my ever-growing Comcast bill, I am now getting charged $70.49 for “Standard Cable,” plus $73 for “Digital Premier” plus $52.95 for “Performance” Internet. Are the two separate cable charges (standard and digital premier) correct?

  81. Cut the Cord! Comcast is using deceptive billing practices, bilking people out of $100s of dollars they don’t owe. Requiring $$ for services not yet received, billing in advance, and then not correcting when you cancel service. They keep your money if the wrongly credit it to a closed 0 balance account, unless you call and say WHERE’s my $700 I sent you over the past 7 months that you haven’t credited to my account but kept sending me disconnect notices, and late fees etc. I have to keep the internet at $64.95, but everything else was cancelled. Used new indoor antennas ($50)–get 40 digital channels including major networks, got Netflix, amazon ($7 a month). My “$164.00 triple play bundle” really cost $235 by the time taxes, modem rental (oh get rid of that too—buy your own-$80 recoup the cost in a year). Seriously $235 for tv? That no-one misses now…goes to show what we think we can’t live without, we can.

  82. I just spend over an hour in the Chat Room with no options to reduce our costs and only the local office number to cancel. It truly felt like a conversation with a computer rather than a person!

  83. I went from paying $70.49 for digital starter to getting digital preferred for 57.49 for six months (no contract) I even got them to waive the $5 fee to switch. I am leaning to switching to Dish 120, but at least I have 6 months to mull it over. BTW , it took an hour and at least three agents on the chat to get the offer. It took a lot of patience and politeness.

  84. All i managed to get was $15 off of next months bill and to be told that “Oh you still have a great promotion! We don’t even offer this to new customers anymore!”… really $110 for internet and ‘preferred’ cable and if i REDUCE my cable package I will have to pay MORE? Total BS. Hopefully someone will get it so we can just pay for what we watch not 160 channels that 140 of them are never used.

  85. I just called Comcast after my $29.99 internet went to $44.99. I explained how there were circumstances that wouldn’t allow for me to pay more that $29.99. I said I spoke with someone online and they said you guys might have access to promotions or something that they don’t have in online chat. I love my service and I really don’t want to change my service to Verizon, but the circumstances are kind of beyond my control. Is there a promotion that could extend another 6 months or so?

    Then they said, “Yeah on Monday we are renewing that promotion so if you call in then we can go ahead and do it for you.”

    I was utterly shocked. I still have to call in and make it happen, but hopefully it will happen.

  86. I go to the local Comcast store every 6 months and renegotiate. It always works. I often get HBO/Showtime for free. There are always new promotions and I found the local office people (all so far) are very helpful.

  87. My internet price raised from 29.99 to 49.99 two days back, and I tried the ‘chat sessions’ as mentioned in this blog. But it didn’t helped much. They kept saying nothing they can do to bring the price down but to call the customer care dept. Though one of the chat agent mentioned about talking to ‘customer solutions dept’/ retention dept. (after you dial the Comcast customer care press the option 3 to disconnect your connection even though that is not what you want to do). Once I reached them, I told the agent that couple of weeks before I had been offered a plan by a sales agent through phone for 39.99 (Internet upgrade to Blast+Basic TV connection with HBO). I didn’t selected that option with that sales person on the day he called me, which raised my rates.

    But the customer solutions department agent was able to do the same offer for 12 months. In my experience, that department is capable of offering better deals than the chat/online/regular customer care agents.

    Thanks for the blog & Good luck for others.

  88. I’ve been a Comcast sufferer for many years. I would love to switch to Verizon, but they don’t offer fios in our area and I’ve heard a slew of complaints regarding Direct TV. That being said, Comcast has been racking up their prices the last 2 years. If you are an existing customer, forget about it, no good deals to be had. Then they started that mess with the wireless internet, telling people they have to either pay 80$ for a phone call or pay their monthly fee for tech service. This simply blew my mind. Here I am paying their 4$ fee for a tech to come to the house, but now I have to pay you 13.95$ to get someone with a brain on the phone to fix yet another wireless connection issue. They also told me I must purchase all wireless equipment myself as they had GIVEN the equipment to us and we were not renting it. Wow, just wow. The best deal they could offer me this year was to lose every movie channel I was getting, which was most of them, and pay around exactly the same (155.00) Pretty disgusting if you ask me, and they know they got you if there’s no other viable options in your area. Direct TV has reputably the worst service known to mankind. I’m actually thinking about dropping everything, leaving just local tv and internet. I guess there’s always Netflix.

  89. I followed your tips above and got my bill lowered by about $60/mo! They’re also sending me a $100 prepaid visa card! Thanks for the great post!

  90. Dont bother calling 1-800-934-6489, since they are out of the Phillipines. Customer service there is horrible, I hate to say it. The Phillipino people are so nice but they are not really well equipped for us, American Bullys…haha. I feel bad when I called one time and was angry at her….I wished I didn’t act that way. So I calmed down and called a different day. I called 1-800-266-2278 8am-9pm M-F and 8am – 8pm Sat. I followed the prompts to DISCONNECT MY SERVICE COMPLETELY….don’t choose take away a few items. I was clam and polite probably too polite….I spoke to Desant and told him that I was wondering what local promotions were available to me, I also said I saw some promotions posted online like Internet upgrade to Blast+Basic TV connection with HBO for $39.99, and since I am looking to possibly disconnect my service because ATT recently sent me a mailer for $19.99 per month internet and a $250.00 promotion visa card. he said one moment sir….and He came back and tried to up-sell me (sort of) to an HD Economy 55 channels + Blast Plus + DVR for $59.99 ($54.95 w/o the DVR) for 12 MONTHS!!! Wow….but I am not a big TV watcher, I just like to NETFLIX and watch the basic HD Channels from my HDTV (without the use of my Digital Converter Boxes Comcast provided…he seemed unhappy I was doing this….oh well) I kept on asking him if there were any other promotions, and he said they has a Blast Plus + Economy 55 chnannel TV for $49.99 for only 6 months. I said are you sure there isnt something more available. I told him my recent test showed I was only getting downloads of 15 mbps, not the 50 mbps that the Internet Blast is supposed to give me. He said Oh here, I have this package, Internet Plus + wth Limited Basic TV for $39.99 for 12 months. I was paying $69.95 plus 5.92 in Taxes = $75.87 per month. Now I am paying $39.99 plus 5.92 in taxes = $45.91 per month for the next 12 months. Total Savings of $359.52….WOo Hoo…I feel great. Thanks you so much for the info. You rock !!!

  91. I tried to lower my bill 2 years ago online, and phone with little success and much frustration. I finally threatened to leave and get directv, which I did and I hate. I kept my comcast internet. when I went to return my TV equipment the rep at the desk was shocked that a long time customer such as myself was treated so badly. He gave me a great deal on my internet. BUT….he also told me if I had come there 1st before signing up with directv…he could’ve given me exactly what I was looking for. In fact the $$ he quoted me was less than what I was asking for monthly! Just another option before you switch to Directv and spend 2 years regretting it 😦

  92. Tried to negotiate by chat but to no avail. As soon as I mentioned that I would be looking elsewhere, I got the number for loyalty. I called them and they gave me the new customer promotion saving me $60 a month. Same package and everything. Being a customer for 18 years and paying my bill on time helped a great deal.

  93. I have a TV and Internet package. I don’t watch TV, so I’m trying to drop TV and go to just Internet. I called and they said I’m in a contract and would be charged an early termination fee and that I wouldnt be eligible for any promotions (trying to get the 50 Mbps @ 24.99 per month). I found this page and tried the online chat, the rep told me the same thing. I don’t understand, I’m not terminating complete service with Comcast, I am trying to modify my services. Most cell phone companies, even though in a contract, will let you modify your services/plan.

  94. If you are still in your 2 year contract (particularly when the cost jumps after the first year and you all of a sudden feel the need to be on this threat and lower your bill) you will find it difficult for Comcast to lower your bill without removing services. Therefore – you should contact the termination department and they will quote you on a termination fee. You may also luck out and be offered a deal not to cancel (but they don’t do this any longer – as you are in contract for the 2nd year). Anyway – my advice is for those who are in contract is to contact termination department and see what happens.

    For me – my termination fee was only $75 – so it made sense just to terminate and then sign up for a new 2 year contract! This pays for itself after just 3 months. If you are not in contract any longer – you will find it very easy to be offered a lower price for the same service. But most likely if this is the case – you probably aren’t viewing this thread.

    Best of luck and go get those deals!

  95. (Chicago, IL) I thought my bill of $39.99/month for Blast Internet and 50 tv channels was high… I shouldn’t be complaining after reading some of these comments then…haha. Although I did a speedtest and its 25mbps lower than the intended 50. But I think all internet providers are throttling, so I’m not complaining too much anymore.

    And thanks for the tips, going to try and contact them to negotiate keeping plan low once the first yr is close to being over.

  96. Let me get this straight, you pay an early term fee in order to sign up again? What’s wrong here is people feeling they need to bend over for Comcast like they’ll die without their tv shows. Newsflash, you won’t. I have an HDTV antenna after giving Comcast the boot and never looked back. I’m driving a new car now with the extra money. Get over the boob tube. You can find it all on the internet anyway.

  97. I am close to retirement age and I am also a laborer so my main interest is lowering the cable part of my bill. the info and helpful hints that i received from your blog should help. Thank you

  98. Thank you for this! I just got off the phone with Comcast and was able to lower my bill by $40 a month!! So happy and grateful for these words.

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  101. COMCAST Ashake: For more promotional offers I would suggest you to contact our Customer Solutions Department at #1-800-934-6489. They have access to more offers/discounts you can avail of and full authority to change your services to help manage your bill. They are available from Mondays to Saturdays at 8am-6pm. Will this work for you?

    They don’t have chat for Customer Solutions per Ashake

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  103. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the suggestion. I hate talking on the phone and after 6 failed calls of trying to lower my bill, one chat did the trick and I was offered $50 more in discounts. thanks a milliom


    How to lower your Comcast bill, and keep it low: An Informative Non-Video Game-Related Post | Ye Olde Nick Suttner Blogge

  105. check out your url

    How to lower your Comcast bill, and keep it low: An Informative Non-Video Game-Related Post | Ye Olde Nick Suttner Blogge

  106. More suggestions

    How to lower your Comcast bill, and keep it low: An Informative Non-Video Game-Related Post | Ye Olde Nick Suttner Blogge

  107. I just got off the chat. The only option they gave me was to downgrade my package from 250 TV channels to 45+ channels. The price would have been $64.99 + tx. I have Digital Preferred and Blast.
    I would have lost my favorite channels. I prefer watching TV on my TV and not online. No Netflix or Hulu for me, thanks.

  108. Hi, I just tried the chat and it easily seemed to work! they jacked up the internet plus from 39.99 to 59.99 after a year. they say they can bring it back down. i was hoping it would show the lower balance for my current bill – due in 6 days, but they said it would change by next bill.

  109. I have been a Comcast customer for many years. I was charged re-connection fees for moving to a new location. That didn’t make me a new customer and didn’t change the cost of my monthly basic cable TV of $85.00. I want to add and bundle Internet with TV. But only if I can get them both for under the $85.00. Paying $85.00 for Basic Cable TV alone is way to much and if I can’t get a better deal bundling TV and Internet…Well then ADIOS, to Comcast!

  110. i just wonted to know how can i lower my cable bill.not the old run-a-round

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  112. Thank you for this post. 🙂 This helped me lower my bill by about $100 a month without the annoying phone conversation.

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  115. Just wanted to chime in myself. I hadn’t read this article until after I had learned myself about the live chat reps AND the customer retention department. This article is spot on.
    I just however went through a Live Rep and once they let me know they could not keep me in my current package for my current price for another year (this was my request) – I contacted by phone the customer retention department. Guess what? I am staying in my same package for the same price for another TWO years.

  116. I would love to get some someone to just answer the chat! I tried to get on today and actually left it spinning. Came back 5 hours later and it was still spinning. It is now 12:30 AM pacific time and it has been spinning for about a half an hour already. My bill just jumped from $78 per month to $152. What a racket.

  117. It’s very simple. The consumers fault. Educate the consumer for internet and tv services. I do agree that the sales people that they train are rediculous.

  118. I love in the East Bay & I tried this in February & they told me I had to do a bundle to get it lowered. Even though I don’t uhh we land lines I went a head & got the bundle bc it brought my bill from $288 to 258. I still don’t understand why it’s so high. I have the starter pack, land line, internet, &alarm which I don’t use out here bc someone is always here. I had to bring the alarm with me when I moved here bc they would charge me $1,800.00 if I didn’t be you have to have a contract for 3 years for that. I have 2 cameras t 🙂 at come with the alarm, 2 HD boxes & 1 regular box for my roommate.

    When I call I don’t know if they’re trying to get over on me bc I’m visually impaired & can’t see everything but I don’t know how to get it lower. Any advise?

  119. My bill was to be 78.51 but I got the and is 108.43 why they told me the bill would be 59.99 not if I could get cable some where else I would

  120. My home is FIOS ready, FIOS has been bugging me for years, I did the math for a switch to FIOS with everything I want, there is no I repeat no price reduction. Comcast has worn me out after 20 years. I’m retired, I had to take Comcast Economy bundle here in NJ and lose half my TVchannels.Price dropped from $185/month to $115 /mo. What a lousy victory. No streaming, I don’t like it. So Comcast finally drilled me into the ground. I have lost interest. Maybe it’s time to experiment with Verizon. Any experiences out there?

  121. I talked to an agent over the phone and explained my side, i asked if there was any charges/movie purchases. They said yes and I told them i was at parents house so they credited my account. They also told me they would take care of the rest of my first month bill, which they did over the phone and i checked my account at the same time and balance was $0 then i checked a couple hrs later and tbe amount i owed before they removed it was back on the bill

  122. thanks for your advice. It worked. The first analyst would not give me what I was asking for but the second one did and I was pleasantly surprised and so grateful that I didn’t have to talk to anyone.. Great!

  123. HI I tried the chat line today with comcast and came out with a better deal was paying 182.05 nw paying 127.42 plus home phone thanks again for the tip!!!

  124. Hi we just moved in at the beginning of this month and very new to Wi Fi, only reason for Wi Fi is that if we don’t pay our rent By E Billing on the first of the month (January 31,2017 We have to move for the 3rd time and both My Husband David and I have bad Health. But at the beginning of this month we had a credit of $55.00. and our Bill only is set for $130.00 I rounded it off this includes a $10.00 , $109.99 and another $15.- $20. For taxes and Surcharges Fee’s. It should never get up to close to $200?! Why??? Where, it doesn’t say that anywhere and what happened to the credit $54.00 . Comcast is taking Huge advantage of people who are in need, and those who have To use the WI Fi To pay rent or get punished for not using it. Not everyone is Web or whatever you want to call it say. I am very new at this. And I am very frustrated. Thank you Tiffany Eberhart

  125. Online Live Chat might not be able to find you the best deal. The rep I chatted with wanted to help, but was only able to offer a bundled service. They told me their offers are limited and that I should call to get better promotions.

  126. Be good to the REP and they will give you what you want. (y) Ask Politely.

  127. Invaluable post . Just to add my thoughts , if your company is wanting a a form , my business partner discovered a template form here

  128. My experience 1/19/2017:

    Jerry: Hello Celeste_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Jerry. Please give me one moment to review your information.

    Celeste: My Issue: I would like to see about any promotions or ways I can lower my bill so I can remain a Comcast customer.

    Jerry: Hi! I hope you are doing great today.

    Celeste: Good afternoon, Jerry. Happy Thursday!

    Jerry: Hi there, Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I’m sure we can work together to get this resolved for you as soon as possible.

    Celeste: Thank you very much.

    Jerry: Please be advised that to make sure I have the correct account and for security purposes, may I please have your name, address, and account number or phone number?

    Celeste: Celeste Roberts

    Celeste: 203 Lydia Street, Gray, LA 70359

    Celeste: 985-856-9306

    Celeste: Acct # 0172310332105

    Jerry: Thank you Celeste let me pull your account.

    Jerry: I already pull up your account Celeste let me check the available promotion for you.

    Celeste: Thank you, Jerry.

    Jerry: You’re welcome.

    Jerry: I see that your are paying $79.95 per month right.

    Celeste: Yes, I was paying $59 after I stopped renting the modem/router.

    Celeste: The bill went up to $79.95 for February 2017.

    Jerry: I see we have here Celeste a plan that save you $14.96 a month you can have same internet speed and have a basic Tv package for just $64.99.

    Celeste: Is it possible for me to downgrade to the 25 mbps?

    Celeste: I appreciate your help with finding that promotion, Jerry. I just don’t watch TV.

    Jerry: No worries let me check the other plan for you Celeste.

    Jerry: Still checking

    Celeste: Thank you, Jerry!

    Celeste: Are there any promotions in my area (zip code 70359)?

    Jerry: Let me check that Celeste.

    Celeste: Thanks!

    Jerry: To set your proper expectation Celeste we have here a plan than lower down your bill but it include a basic Tv package, I know that you don’t watch Tv but here in Comcast if you avail a plan it’s much cheaper than have a service alone.

    Celeste: OK, are there any fees? I

    Celeste: I wouldn’t need anyone to set up a box or install anything.

    Jerry: I see let me check this plan and provide to you the details.

    Celeste: Thanks!

    Jerry: You’re welcome.

    Jerry: Still checking.

    Celeste: I appreciate your help!

    Jerry: Hi there Celeste

    Celeste: Hi, Jerry–any luck?

    Jerry: I check our promotion and see that your plan right now is the lowest plan that we have.

    Jerry: but no worries As a customer myself I understand where you are coming from. Here in Billing department we have limited access to promotions and as a valued customer I would want you to get the best of what we have.

    Celeste: I understand and appreciate your help.

    Jerry: I will refer you to our Loyalty department they have a lot of promotional plan that will lower your bill you can Call 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489)

    Jerry: I will assure you that they have more option and more plan that lower down your bill.

    Celeste: I appreciate your time and help, Jerry! I will call them this evening.

    Jerry: You’re welcome.

    (I will call Loyalty this evening and report back.)

  129. We just passed the 12 month mark & our Comcast Blast! Internet (200Mbps/20) went from $59.99 to $87.95. I entered a chat where I was offered “Xfinity Latino 2300 (25 MBPs internet speed +10+ Basic cable ) and you just need to pay only $69.99/mo for the 12 months.” Since I don’t need TV, and the 25 Mbps is unacceptable, I asked if there were any other local promotions available. He couldn’t find any, and directed me to call the same number as the comment above. He said, “I have checked your account and found all the deal on the regular price however no worries, we have a dedicated team for the promotional deal. As they have wide range option for the cost effective deal. I have already made a notation on the account regarding the concern that you are looking for the cost effective deal. Now you are just require to call our hotline at 1-800-934-6489 to complete this. I had the account completely noted so it will be quick and easy once you call. I have mentioned everything on the account notes so that you do not need to explain anything on the call.”

    I called the number & was on hold for a while, but then spoke to a woman who said that they didn’t have any Internet only promotions, but offered us the Double Play with the same 200/20 Internet service we currently have + basic TV for $57.94 for the next 12 months. We don’t have to pay for a cable box, we don’t have to pay anything else additional monthly, there is no contract, they are sending a box, but she said we don’t even need to plug it in. Why they would want to send out equipment that people aren’t even going to use is beyond me, but we are now saving an additional $2, so yay!

  130. Easier to reduce the bill, SWITCH TO VERIZON, after 18 years with Comcast, I was Done with Thier abuse to loyal customers. Verizon is so much nicer, cheaper, less problematic.

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