Bilithic Empire

Let me tell you about my friend Matt, one of the most ludicrously talented people I know. You know those sort who just piss you off with their immense talent across multiple creative mediums, to say nothing of their dashing good looks? That’s him. You kind of just want to slam their face into a table every time you see them, am I right? Right.

Anyhow, I went to high school with Matt, during which time he fronted a ska/punk band with some other friends of mine, the 500 Hats. Being more into that sort of music at the time, I was quite a fan. Sure, they were friends, and I had one of the more fun times of my life going on a short tour with them, but they were legitimately excellent at what they did. Long story somewhat short, Matt went away to Boston University (to do amazing talented things, that asshole), and somewhere along the way started making music with his roommate Ollie.

Enter Bilithic, a most fantastically excellent “hip hop and then some” band which I need to inform you about. Because as great as Matt is at making music, he sucks at using the computer for some reason, and he sucks even more at getting his material out there. And while I’ll admit to some potential subconscious bias, their new EP is one of the best things released this year (and 2009 has been a GREAT year for music), and I’ve been listening to it near non-stop. I won’t turn this into a review, but I will say that their sound defies categorization enough to be worth checking out for any music fan — rock and punk roots, modern hip hop sentiment, just downright fucking great.

So now, do me a personal favor and check out their MySpace page. They have the whole EP posted up there, and it’s quite varied so give the whole thing a listen if you’re even remotely digging it. And if you like it, go buy it on iTunes. They need support, it’s cheap, and who knows — maybe it’ll eventually make its way to the right people and Matt can quit his day job…of being a heroic art teacher for kids. Damn him at every turn!

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  1. Thank you for the recommendation. Your last recommendation, though for the 360, was solid (Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp), so I went ahead and purchased Empire. Only problem: too short!

  2. Should I expect another album?

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