Next time I’ll break a sweat instead

So, yes, I did break my finger. Kind of shocking, actually, being the first bone I’ve ever broken. Typing that last blog on it probably didn’t help. You know what sucks now? Washing dishes, tying my shoes, tying a towel around my waist, and putting sweatshirts on. So as soon as this cyborg menace is off, I’ll hopefully be able to stop typing like a wounded sloth.


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  1. I need to break my fingers more often, that thing is pretty stylin’.

  2. Digit isolation technology has certainly come a long way.

  3. I feel your pain, I have played basketball for many years incurring many injuries to my fingers and ankles. Good luck on the recovery.

    By the way how did it actually happen, jam your finger?

  4. Dude There goes your L1 Finger.

    At least you went to the doctor, I never went when i did my pinky, looks kind of odd with the mound in the middle of that finger.

    Good luck

  5. Hope your finger heals quickly!

    Also, please blog more.

  6. man i wont one for each finger putt them on before i go out and ask people to pick stuff up for me and act like i cant use my hands it would be funny as hell

    i did the same thing playing ball way back when it was my left ring finger dident know till 3 months latter it was broke sucks u cant use the left trigger or bumper can still play paggel and six acsess on the ps3

    im a big internet nerd ill c if there is a site dedacated to the bulls and get back to u in the right comment secshon there r lots of sites that cam it live and record the cams in hd so ill c if one covers the bulls allso it may be up a day affter butt try this site for sports it has a few bulls games on it im shure it well update weth more u have missed i have no idea how quck it updates the sports on it be it a little after the game or a full day after ill look into outher sourses sorry for the spellig im shure u got the just of it

  7. From twitter, it seems like the alternative came true for you today. 🙂

  8. I seem to remember a certain other broken bone… Sometime, so long ago.

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