Today was a rock day.

When I woke up this morning, I never thought I’d be screaming into the mouth/mic of this man, “You and I, we were meant to be together!” Well, I knew I was going to see my favorite still-together band Les Savy Fav tonight, and that their wonderfully bearded leader and sexual icon Tim Harrington would be strutting his stuff amongst the crowd at some point (many points). I suppose our beards just had a connection, and we shared a sweaty moment. It was grand.

The show was amazing, as LSF always are (opener The Mae Shi were pretty great too from what we caught), and while it was fantastic to have my lady with me, I was sad that none of my friends attended. Though why would they? I wouldn’t pay to go see a band I don’t listen to either.

But things were different back home (in Chicago). For the last decade or so, I’ve been the guy who introduces my friends to new music (and rarely ever the other way around). I go out of my way to discover bands, and immerse myself in their culture, something most people don’t make the time/have the impetus for. So I forced my opinions on my friends until they paid attention, and now many of my favorite bands are theirs too. It’s something I’m quite proud of, actually, probably more so than anything else in my life — that I’ve been able to introduce people I care about to awesome music. But for whatever reason, things have been different since I’ve moved out West. I suppose when you’re working alongside people on the premise that you both care about videogames, that’s the initial basis of discussion as far as entertainment media. One of the long-term projects I was working on at 1UP when we got laid off was making a weekly mix for people that I’d bring in and put on the office server on Monday mornings, with some notes about each band. The first installment was two weeks away; probably one of the more personally sad things about leaving that place, but maybe I’ll still find a way to share (and on a larger scale, if people care).

Anyhow, I’m going to try to do a better job of it. I’m going to see Trail of Dead, RX Bandits, and Pelican this month, and I’ll be damned if I don’t drag along Anthony or Phil or someone.

Also, I was recognized for the second time ever tonight, on the bus on the way to the show. Being approached by strangers on the bus in San Francisco is about the most normal thing ever since half the city is insane, but they don’t usually ask “Are you Nick Suttner?” Kind of a weird thing, really. And very fleeting; little does he know, I want to know who he is, what he does, what he thinks about games, etc., etc., etc. Honestly, I’d rather go out to a diner and chat with someone like that than have a brief hello/goodbye. But still…neat, I guess?

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  1. Pelican is awesome. I am going to see them in KC, and Dredg is OPENING for them, which is awesome and weird. Will be able to hear some new stuff from Dredg hopefully.

  2. I’ll remember that last bit if I run into you in line for Watchmen IMAX this week at das Metreon. “Say more than, ‘Hi, nice beard.'”

  3. Hi Nick, that was me on the bus today. Don’t worry, we will be having a longer chat very soon. Now I know where you live! I’ll be waiting for you in your living room when you come home from work tomorrow. See you then!

  4. I never go to see bands, because I generally don’t like music. That’s all.

  5. Yeah Nick, being originally from Chicago, it just seems easier to get people to try new things or go new places. I think it has to do with cold and snow during the winters…you get cooped up for so long you’re willing to try anything to get out of the house – even if you have to parallel park in the snowbanks called city streets.

  6. If ONLY you had a place where you could make suggestions to the masses about wonderful new music you’ve found. Perhaps some type of journal or log, on the web. Yes, some type of web log…. 🙂

  7. Tim lived across the hall from me freshman year. He was always a pretty weird kid, but relatively normal for art school. He was always doing something goofy, and i would occasionally get invited along.

    I saw him in the east village a few years back, before i had heard about les savy fav. We chatted for a few minutes, but i didn’t ask him what he was up to, being that he looked a little on the homeless side. I think i googled him later that day and found out about his band.

    He’s a really nice guy, and very smart. I’m not surprised at all by his success. Glad you liked his show.

  8. Awesome. If for whatever reason I see you in San Francisco someday I will be sure to do more than just say Hi. Also, keep updating us here on your blog about good music. Maybe, I’ll be able to listen to it next time I’m here (at school right now, where MySpace is of course, blocked)

  9. Me and my friend are going to the Pelican/Wolves in the Throne room show at Slim’s.

  10. Hey Nick, I had never listened to LSF until now when I clicked your link, and the fuggin awesome. Thanks!

  11. I think meeting someone who is well known or famous in a sense is just an intimidating scenario. I remember when I got to meet (actually talk to) Dave Chappelle after one of his stand-ups in SF; even though there were so many things I wanted to say and ask him, all that came out was a lame “How’s it goin man?” with a corny ass look on my face. Or when I saw Ryan Scott at Smart n Final in Sunnyvale, me and my friend couldn’t believe it, but felt that it would be too weird/random to say something to him, so we didn’t. But as cool as it would be to have an actually convo with you (or any of the ex 1up members), the general assumption is that you want us to leave you guys alone, but thanks for clearing up your feelings on that whole situation. If I ever run into you I’ll make sure I say something useful. Take it easy Nick.

  12. Cool taste in music Mr. Suttner. Hoping to see RX Bandits soon too.

  13. Nick,
    As long as you have an online forum, you will be influencing people’s music-listening habits. I picked up Trail of Dead a few days ago thanks to former RebelFM discussions, and just checked out Les Savy Fav on itunes after reading your post.

    I wouldn’t mind an occasional comment on what you’ve been playing- in the past I’ve checked out Braid, Groove, Flower, and Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp all in large part due to your recommendations.

    I hope all is well.

  14. It would be really neat if you would continue to make weekly mixes. We have very similar taste in music and it’d be something I’d really enjoy.

  15. Yes Nick, you have to post your mixes. I personally love making mixtapes, it’s a joy. Especially when you play it for friends and at every track they’re asking excitedly who the band is, or cheering when beloved songs come on. I’ve been making theme mixes myself recently which is really fun, trying to tie together a narrative through music. I made a valentines mix for my girlfriend that was essentially the sotry of how we got together. Made her cry, so I win, haha!

  16. Les Savy Fav are one of my favourite discoveries of the last couple of years. They rock out.

    The start from Slugs In The Scrubs is ingrained in my mind. I saw a video of them at Coachella, looks like an even more amazing vibe live than when driving 150kmh.

    Tim Harrington in the crowd reminds me of when Matt from The Bronx, mid-song, says “I need a beer!” took a 100m mic lead, bounced through a mosh pit to the fence to the bar area, climbed said fence while singing, reaches the top, straddles the fence, sculls a beer handed by a fan during the bridge, then continues the next verse while returning through the mosh, followed by a herd of sweaty black t-shirts.

    ROCK ON! (a little less regularly with the actual band, when on the west coast of Australia, compared to the west coast of the USA)

  17. I’d love for you to have a regular column on here that has different recommendations for music. I’m always looking for new things to listen to.


  19. i’m in love.

  20. It seems like you and I are woven of similar cloth. I’ve always felt a sense of pride at being the forward scouting party for new music, then passing it onto my friends and flatmates. Even if they could care less to start with, simple repitition would break down the mentality of ” I’ve never heard this before, why should I care? ”

    Without delving into my life story, I moved halfway across the country (even though it’s a small one) for a job offer in my early twenties. I spent the next 9 months essentially working in isolation.

    Every summer however I have to hire what amounts to 4-5 minions (read uni students on summer holiday) to help out with the incredibly labour intensive and repetitive parts of my job. I was always used to plugging in my earphones at 7A.M and then pulling them out when I was ready to leave for the day, but when I was surrounded by a bunch of newbies looking for direction it felt incredibly rude to ignore them just to escape into my own private world of music and podcasts again.

    Very shortly (the next rainy day when I had nothing to do anyway), I built the Ghetto Blaster.
    It doesn’t sound like anything special, that’s because it wasn’t. I took an old toolcase I won at a golf tournament then stuffed it with sealed lead acid batteries that had just been thrown out from a local restaurant ( they weren’t suitable for security lighting anymore ), a broken car stereo ( as an amplifier ), and a couple of 6×9 speakers ( I actually had to buy these myself ). Before anyone could whinge about having a boring job, I had an epic portable stereo that could run for 10 hours on it’s own batteries, or longer if plugged into most of my equipment.

    The GB now amounts to my favourite part of the year.
    Everyone I’ve worked with can plug in their MP3 player of choice, and all of us can spend the next 3 months trying to convince each other of our musical superiority. As long as I hear something new, and push one of my minions into doing the same to me, I can handle pushing though to the next 9 months in isolation.

    Anyway, thank you for introducing me to Les Savy Fav (I listened to, and enjoyed, them the whole time I was considering this brief internet rant,)

    Chur, Mark

  21. Also at the end of three months working for me, my three minions favourites were Luke Buda, Bomb The Music Industry! and Bad Astronaut. Listen up if you have any faith in the taste of 18-20 year olds from New Zealand.

  22. ey fool, i came up to see les savy fav with you! we shared his majestic belly sweat. where’s my shout outs??

  23. Ok, apparently I lied, it wasn’t on Twitter that I said I’d say more than hi. Oops.

  24. I really, really, really miss Chicago, even though I guess I was technically born here (technically born?). I don’t know about you, but I’m totally following through on moving back there.

  25. But looking at this I am not really eager on snacks any more.

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