An intro of duction.

Anyone who knows me truly is familiar with my love of old-timey things. Take, for instance, this WordPress theme. So deliciously old-timey, it just makes me want to go down to the food shoppe and purchase a phosphate, post-haste. The other one I kind of liked looked like Halloween all of the goddamn time, so nuts to that.

I used Blogger for a number of years whilst writing about games with my good pal Tom Mc Shea (now a GameSpot reviewer) for our blog (its potentially incriminating contents are still easy enough to find) and briefly for Animal Fight, which you shouldn’t click unless you want your mind blown. So, I like Blogger and know how to use it, but I’d always heard WordPress was better. I’m starting something here, but we’ll see if I make the switch back…things already seem too complicated, and simply editing how this page looks seems like it costs money and/or requires knowledge I don’t have. Or perhaps I’m some sort of brain moron.

For now…I write. Welcome.

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  1. WordPress is the shit, I bet you’ll grow to love it. It does most of that google analytics stuff without having to bother with google, which I don’t think blogger does. There is some stuff you have to pay for like fully editing CSS and using a real URL, but you can find free themes that allow for modest changes like customizing your header with your own graphic.

  2. It’s not bad for a hosted service, but wordpress really shines when you host it yourself (or somewhere not on the site).

    Having to pay for the ability to edit your theme’s css is teh suck.

    I’ve been using wordpress in one form or another since it was called b2. I tried the free/hosted/ version a month ago and was disappointed with how much they lock it down, but apart from that, there’s a lot to like (play around w/ the plugins).

  3. Hey Nick,

    Congrats on the new job. David Ellis mentioned on the last Listen Up (4 Guys, 1UP)that you might want some help with WordPress and a theme. If you want any help feel free to send me an email. It’s the least I can do for all the free 1up videos and podcasts that you have been on and I have never paid a penny for. Congrats again on the job and best of luck.

    Jamie P.

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